Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In Another Life

all these money can't buy me a time machine

when i look deep inside her eyes
i can see the strong and the soul the she had
being less than the others but more for Him
because of one phrase ..
"Qila, ada masa kita di atas dan ada masanya kita dibawah"

she's so lovely that reminds me of kak Yin
she's so cool like my dear kak Maz
not ashamed and very friendly to us
simply giving advices and morals
haha.. lepak macam dah kenal lama
berjam-jam gelak ketawa bahagia aje.

in another life i would be your girl

still, worries are here and there
26 years old should be mature enough
to be a loyal wife, lovely mom and family
but she told us..
" bila kita kurang, boleh nampak siapa yang jujur, siapa yang tidak"
and she said..
" jangan setia pada yang satu, sebab choices tu penting supaya tak kecewa"
all these are based on her life experiences

kak Nori, thanks for the valuable time tadi. keep in touch yea =D

p/s : sempat mintak fb dengan num fon lagi. haha.

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