Friday, 25 May 2012

Hawary, Sahabat

"Selemah-lemah manusia ialah orang yang tidak boleh mencari sahabat dan orang yang lebih lemah ialah orang yang mensia-siakan sahabat yang telah dicari" -Saidina Ali A.S

Terasa bengkak hati ini
Terasa kabur mata ini
Almost 2 months..

Rohaizad Bakari...

This song really means everything.
Somehow, i feel like this is our friendship story.
We met, play, laugh, cry and separate death.

Eventhough i did not really mention how much i missed you
But Allah knows how hard it is not to let the tears fall
Everyday, i hope it was yesterday and back to time we were together
Everyday, i saw Ivory Viva was here and there and i was hoping it is CCW 3325
Everyday, i wish you text me to tell that " aku dah sampai depan foyer ni "
Everyday, i dream you to do everything like before
Everyday, mohamad rohaizad mohd bakari was in my mind and soul

It was a very first time when i discoverd this song through abang jebat's blog. And i really dont aspect anything. I really didnt know, it really really our story. Allah. 

i miss you guys. deep into my heart.

p/s: sumpah lagu ni sebijik dengan kisah hidup gua. touched kejap.

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