Monday, 25 February 2013

New One

Mariah Carey : My All

skin baru . nama baru . semangat baru. insyaAllah. entry sume wholely hearted from my daily life. 

Since everyone was and will getting busier because most of us are third year students. Less time to spend with those person who i love, who i care, and who i miss. What can i tell you now, stuck with thesis and faculty needs.

But still i'm available. anytime. anywhere. just call my name and i'll appear on your eyes. :)

photo : 
convoy to walimatul urus abg mat , anak pakcik (arbe) @ IPGM Sg Merab.
abg adam, abg jebat, alang, akmal, sham, shela, yuyu, nadiah, risyma and me.

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